All the classroom is a stage for teachers and students to enjoy

All the world's a stage so why not make your classroom the stage, your students the actors and let them introduce your Arts curriculum subject.

Each of our Arts curriculum modules has a short play, about 8-10 minutes, to introduce the subject which then moves onto questions and discussion.  Our modules are quick and easy for teachers to use. Fun and interactive for students. They can be used as a complete lesson plan or used with existing resources. 

Have your classroom come alive learning about body language, interviewing people who work in a theatre, using drama to influence a hair colour issue or hot seating an actor to find what they do in theatre.

You don't need any drama or acting skills, just a sense of fun and a desire to try something different.

A1: Hot Seating – Interview an actor

Play: A fictional television interview with an actor.

Discussion/Activities: Students discuss the interview, role of the actor, and develop questions to ask other professionals.

Objective: Introduce the concept of students being interviewed while in character.

Number of pages: 9 (includes cover page).

Preview: Preview some of the pages in this module.


A2: Interview people who work in a theatre

Play: A fictional television interview show where an interviewer interviews different people who work in a theatre.

Discussion/Activities: Identify and discuss some of the jobs needed for a theatre or similar company to operaten.

Objective: Introduce the jobs of people who work in a theatre.

Number of pages: 10 (includes cover page).

Preview: Preview some of the pages in this module.


A3: Use drama to influence issues

Play: Hair colour means suspension from a local club. Friends seek change and discuss alternatives, which include staging a small drama presentation.

Discussion/Activities: Students discuss options to resolve the situation and possible play structure and content.

Objective: Introduce a discussion about drama and if it can be used to resolve issues.

Number of pages: 8 (includes cover page).

Preview: Preview some of the pages in this module.


A4: What you say, how you say it, body language and the audience Play: Three friends are interviewed for the same job and each has a different body language and attitude. What makes one person successful and another unsuccessful can come down to body language. In the same way on stage body language shown by an actor is very important in convincing the audience of that character’s credibility.

Discussion/Activities: Students discuss reactions to the different body language then discuss how an actor's body language is important in convincing the audience of that character’s credibility.

Objective: Introduce the concept of body language and its effect on an audience.

Number of pages: 9 (includes cover page).

Preview: Preview some of the pages in this module. 

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