ActUp modules use short plays, questions and activities to introduce curriculum and careers subjects

ActUp modules are fun, interactive resources that introduce curriculum and careers subjects. Students act out a short play then answer follow-on questions and activities to reinforce the curriculum or careers subject. 

Each module:

  • is fun and interactive
  • is quick and easy to use
  • is a complete lesson plans
  • saves preparation time
  • suits different learning abilities.

Our modules are ideal for teachers looking to make the classroom more interative or doing something different to encourage participation and learning. This is what teachers have said about our modules:

"For me these plays modify conventional methods of teaching and because they are different help switch students onto learning."

"I've found roleplays a great way to introduce lesson content. Students more easily relate to a character and discuss their personal or emotional needs with other students in the classroom."

"Drama helps all students to be involved and take part in a class. I recommend them."


Membership can be for a school or individual teachers. Annual membership of $NZ120 allows you, or teachers in your school who you share password access with, to download any or all of our selection of twenty modules.  Currently our selection includes two modules in each of the Arts, Science, English, Technology, Health and Physical Education, Social Studies and Careers sections. We'll be adding new modules each year to increase the selection.

If you're looking for a fun, practical and successful way to introduce subjects with students try ActUp.

Why not sign up to be a Member (Member Login in sidebar), then download one of our free modules, try it and see if it works for you and your students. If the answer is yes then feel free to purchase and enjoy other modules with your students.

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ActUp statement
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