Here is what teachers say about us from around the world

"We had a wonderful two weeks of live performances. Great performers and enthusiastic audiences. Thanks to Mark Casson for great scripts." Anne, Director, Australia.

"For me these plays modify conventional methods of teaching and because they are different help switch students onto learning.” Hemant, Head of Department, New Zealand.

“Just a quick note to say thanks, once again, for sharing your resources with us. Both myself and my colleague have used the Skills, Skills, Skills resource, and have found it very useful as a structure for our lesson plans.  The students particularly enjoyed the role play, and the skills treasure hunt has worked well as an ice breaker as we both have mixed classes and students don’t always know one another.  We have also used the ‘What Could I Be’ exercise, and have asked groups of students to prepare presentations based on this, asking them to talk about their skills, weaknesses and how to overcome them, and then to come up with a business/enterprise that they could develop, combining all their skills.  It’s proven to be a success, and the different elements have lightened the classes and made them much more fun, so thank you. We will certainly be looking at the other resources in the new school year to see if they will fit with our plans, so I will pass on any feedback from them also.” Tara, Programme Manager, Northern Ireland.

"Although I am an ICT teacher I also love drama and roleplay is such a great motivation and discussion starter. Thanks for the great work. Keep it going."  Heather, ICT Manager, New Zealand.

“I used my scripts with great enjoyment by my pupils.”  Elza, Counselling Centre Manager, South Africa.

"I found the playscripts very good and I passed them on to the relevant teacher at our school."  Maria, Careers Adviser, Australia

"Everything arrived safe and sound, looks great, I have tried one module and it worked really well." Heather, CRLT, Canada.

"I have read the role plays and believe, on close reading, that they are easily adapted for our Primary age students. The themes are basically the same as the ones we explore in our learning at curriculum level 2. For example, concepts about fitness, media, rights and responsibilities. Our learning, this year, has been centered on these topics with an added focus on living things, in science, and culture and heritage in social studies. I believe that what you are offering is of tremendous value to all students and especially ours. Our students tend to learn better through the arts and offering these concepts through role playing may be a valid classroom learning tool." Lorraine, Teacher, New Zealand.