Add a little drama to your English curriculum classes

How interested are you in using drama to introduce English curriculum with students in your classroom. Each curriculum module has an 8-10 minute play for students to act out to introduce the subject which then moves onto questions and discussion. Use the modules as a new lesson plan or with existing resources.

English modules are quick and easy for teachers to use. Fun and interactive for students. If you want your students to follow  instructions to tie shoe laces, discuss language used in publicity releases, explore language spoken in meetings, or listen and take part in a discussion then try one of our modules.

You don't need any drama or acting skills, just a sense of fun and a desire to try something different.

E1: Explore spoken instructions for tying shoe laces (Written Language/Oral Language)

Play: Friends follow spoken written instructions to tie shoe laces in the 'Great Shoe Lace Tying Competition'.  

Discussion/Activities: Encourages students to explore listening, instructions and interpretation.

Objective: To explore the processing and understanding of language.

Number of pages: 7 (includes cover page).

Preview: Preview some of the pages in this module.

E2: Explore language used in a publicity release (Written Language/Writing)

Play: Students work together on publicity release for an upcoming school play.

Discussion/Activities: Encourages students to explore reasons for a publicity release, language and audiences.

Objective: To have an understanding of a publicity release, purpose and content.

Number of pages: 8 (includes cover page).

Preview: Preview some of the pages in this module.

3: Explore language used in meetings (Oral Language/Speaking and Listening)

Play: Students hold a meeting to decide how to spend money received from recycling. 

Discussion/Activities: Encourages students to explore meeting language, procedures and strategies. 

Objective: To explore meeting procedures and language.

Number of pages: 8 (includes cover page).

Preview: Preview some of the pages in this module.

E4: Listen and take part in a discussion (Oral Language/Speaking and Listening)

Play: A friend has to write a CV. A group of friends listen then offer helpful hints as to what it should contain. 

Discussion/Activities: Encourages students to explore listening, and interactive and non-interactive responses.

Objective: To explore interactive and non-interactive responses.

Number of pages: 9 (includes cover page).

Preview: Preview some of the pages in this module.

Orders and prices

Each module costs $NZ45 including New Zealand taxes. To order modules email us your name, contact details (including school email address) and order number on official school letterhead. We will email you the modules within 48 hours.

You then have a seven day right of return period. If you do not want to use the modules please email them back to us within seven days. If we do not hear from you within seven days then we will send you an invoice to be paid. 

Payment can be made by cheque (we accept cheques from anywhere in the world) or through the secure payment PayPal system. You and your school can then use these modules indefinitely at no further cost.