Use drama and fun to promote your key information in classrooms

ActUp packages use drama to help introduce an organisation's information and resources with people in the classroom. Using the package, students act out a short play that introduces the subject, answer and discuss questions, then visit an organisation's website for information and resources.

Benefits from using ActUp packages for organisations are to:

  • highlight their logo and brand
  • promote their key messages and information
  • re-purpose their older print or online resources
  • provide links to their latest online information and messages
  • offer fun, exciting opportunities for young people to converse and learn through action.

Package examples

  • For the health curriculum package a lesson could be safety in the sun. Students act a play in which a friend has sunburn. Students discuss what happened, give advice, go to an organisation's website for sunburn prevention information.
  • In a careers package the lesson could be preparing for a job interview. Two students act out a job interview. Students  discuss what happened, give advice then go to an organisation's website for job interview information. 

Package hosting

We develop a package in association with an organization which then purchases and uses it.

Package content

The play takes 8-10 minutes to perform with followon questions, discussion and weblinks. Alternatively, sections of the package can be used, such as performing the play then moving to the linked information and resources. Each package is approx 7-9 A4 pages. 


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