Frequently asked questions

What is ActUp?

ActUp is a company that produces one lesson modules that combine drama, activities, curriculum objectives and career information. Each module has a short play, activities and discussion questions. Modules need no setting or props and can be performed in classrooms.

Who can use ActUp?

Most teachers and students can use our modules. All modules have unisex characters, easy dialogue, and need no acting skills.

How can ActUp modules be used in the classroom?

ActUp can:

  1. help introduce curriculum and careers subjects with students.
  2. help promote discussion and talking points within the classroom.
  3. help students who learn through 'talking and doing' rather than 'sitting and listening'.
  4. give students confidence in speaking aloud, gain public speaking skills.
  5. be integrated with lesson plans and activities.

Who is the ActUp team?

The ActUp team includes playwrights, teachers and others who enjoy making learning fun, active, and inclusive.

What are the ActUp website and product conditions?

ActUp Ltd roleplays and products are fictional. Any reference or similarity to persons, places or activities are purely coincidential and unintentional. Contact us immediately and we will endeavour to correct any issue. All prices of our products are expressed in New Zealand dollars. ActUp Ltd role play products are subject to New Zealand law. When ordering our products please check with your local Customs, Inland Revenue Departments and other government agencies for any tax or legal issues or other issues that are the purchaser's responsibility. ActUp Ltd is not responsible for any matter or issue arising from any of our products or for how our products are ultimately used. All copyrights, including intellectual and publication, remain at all times with ActUp Ltd. No material, text, or script, can be reproduced in any manner or for any commercial activity without the authority of ActUp Ltd.

How to contact ActUp?

Ph: 0064 (0) 4 475 3260
Post: 28 Creswick Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand